Compare difference between strobe and continuous lighting prices

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Hi forum, I'm new to lighting and want to know what the difference is between strobes or continuous lighting I'll be shooting mostly portraits

Best Answer: Continuous light is just what the name implies, light that is on constantly There are a few kinds of continuous light, tungsten, fluorescent, HMI and LED are the most common It would take a pretty detailed conversation to explain lighting in detail but here's a short answerCowboystudio com, difference between continuous lighting and strobe flash lightingExactly how you light the scene (and the individuals in the scene) will photograph just like what you see before you click the shutter Strobe lighting: Strobe lighting is just like flash: it lights up when you trigger it and needs a bit of time recycle so that it can be fully powered for the next shotFlash strobe or continuous lighting for studio work this video compares the difference between flash, strobe and Using Continuous Lights Ep